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Steven Mason Finance Director

Steven Mason ACMA

What is a Virtual Finance Director?

  1. A virtual FD plays the FD role on a part-time or pay as you go basis for a fraction of the cost of a full-time FD
  2. A Virtual FD is not just a accountant; he or she is a business partner who cares about the success and well being of your company
  3. A Virtual FD can act as a sounding board to a Business Owner/Manager and can provide financial clarity
  4. A Virtual FD is likely to have a good network of professionals to call on if required

Virtual FD’s go beyond the usual services provided by the more traditional accountancy firms such as compliance, financial statements and tax, to become trusted partners to business owners, who may not be able to justify the cost of a full-time FD.

CIMA accountants are more interested in today and tomorrows business performance unlike traditional accountancy firms who are often only engaged to sign off and report on last years accounts.

Benefits of a Virtual FD?

  1. PAY AS YOU GO – You only pay for what you need
  2. There is no employment contract
  3. It provides access to higher level of expertise

How can AFM help?

I am a full-time Finance Director for a group of companies with a combined annual turnover in excess of £40M.

I have acquired a good insight over the years into what really matters in business.  Prompt and accurate invoicing to customers, strong cash collection, KPI’s to measure performance, management of risk, ensuring strong internal controls, sufficient working capital, cost control, good relationships with bankers/insurers to name but a few.

In addition to this I only work with a limited number of client companies in the local area (Dundee, Fife, Angus) at any one time, to ensure quality is maintained and to ensure you do not  become just another number in a client portfolio.